NOTE: We have turkeys in the 18-22 lb range. However, we are sold out of smaller birds in the 10-17 lb range. Consider a larger bird—it's always nice to have leftovers!

RSF Pastured Heritage Turkeys

Taste the heritage difference.

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Real turkey flavor comes from "real" turkeys
raised on lush pasture, bugs and sunshine.

What makes a turkey "heritage"?

Heritage turkeys retain historic characteristics that are no longer present in the majority of turkeys:

  • They can naturally mate and reproduce without artificial insemination.

  • They can run, fly and thrive outdoors in conditions that more closely match the natural behavior and life cycle of wild turkeys.

  • They have a relatively long lifespan and a much slower growth rate than turkeys bred for industrial agriculture.

What Makes our turkeys special

  • We raise Standard Bronze turkeys, one of the oldest breeds in America

  • Standard Bronze turkeys are recognized by Slow Food in their Ark of Taste, a catalogue designed to preserve at-risk foods that are sustainably produced, unique in taste, and part of a distinct ecoregion.

  • We breed, hatch, raise and process our turkeys right here on the farm. 

  • Our turkeys spend most of their lives on fresh pasture expressing their "turkey-ness"—foraging for insects, running, flying, sunbathing or resting in the shade. 

  • Our birds are not altered in any way—no beak trimming or wing clipping.

  • We supplement their foraging with nonGMO grain freshly ground from a small, local mill.

  • We do not use any antibiotics or growth hormones. We use only natural means to prevent parasites and improve immunity—apple cider vinegar, garlic, cayenne pepper and vitamin E oil.

  • The Livestock Conservancy lists the Standard Bronze as "threatened." Ironically we must eat these birds to save them—if they are not economically viable they will fade into extinction. We're doing our part—will you help us?

Make your holidays special with a Red Shirt Farm pastured heritage turkey! Quantities are limited and we sell out early.

Only $8.00/lb

Michael Pollan says...
"The sniggering that initially greeted my slow [heritage] turkey stopped the instant people had a chance to taste it. The leg and thigh meat in particular was delicious: rich, moist, and tender, with a flavor more reminiscent of duck than turkey. Indeed, simply by virtue of having a flavor, this represented a completely different order of turkey. Now I understood what turkey was like before the triumph of the Broad Breasted White, and why eating turkey had once been considered a great treat..." Mother Jones May/June 2003
One of our Toms strutting his stuff

One of our Toms strutting his stuff

Find Forgotten Flavor

With the advent of commercial factory farming, the goal in turkey farming became the production of the maximum amount of breast meat at the lowest possible cost. The Broad Breasted White became the turkey of choice and comprises over 99% of today's market, pushing heritage birds to the brink of extinction. True turkey flavor and texture were the casualties of this focus on profit. 

Heritage turkeys are prized by chefs and lauded by food critics for their flavor and texture. A natural growth rate, plenty of exercise and a diet of foraged grasses and insects create a balance of dark and light meat imbued with a rich taste. Moreover, their natural diet produces meat high in omega-3 fatty acids—so it not only tastes better; it's healthier for you as well. 

Red Shirt Farm heritage Standard Bronze turkeys forage for insects and grass on fresh pasture.