A red shirt is de rigueur at Red Shirt Farm

A red shirt is de rigueur at Red Shirt Farm

Dylan Schultz, Williams College Football redshirt

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What's with the name?

We worked our little plot for years before giving it a name. When we finally started our CSA experiment, we figured we needed a name for our fledgling operation so we chose “Full Circle Farm. Some 30 years after our start in farming as young apprentices we had raised two children, had non-farm careers, paid off a mortgage and come full circle back to farming.

However, little did we know that there were dozens of Full Circle Farms scattered across the country and some national brands with the same name. We decided to change our name to avoid a trademark suit, but what to change it to?

Our name musings went from the simple (Jim & Annie’s Farm) to the topographical (Cinnamon Hill Farm) to the hippy dippy (New Wisdom Farm). Finally, at our wit’s end, my sister-in-law, a farmer herself, suggested “Red Shirt Farm”. It was perfect.

In college sports “redshirt” is when an athlete delays officially competing in order to get bigger and stronger, to learn the system and to gain an extra year of eligibility. When redshirt athletes ultimately take the field, they are more prepared to make a significant contribution to the team. Our son, Dylan, had been a redshirt as a football standout at Williams College, so the name has even more resonance. Our own redshirt years had spanned three decades but we had used them to prepare for the time when we took to the fields at Red Shirt Farm.